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How did I become a blogger and how Google loves me

This funny story is a little bit of background how I blogged for nearly 3 years and got thousands of people reading my blog. Oh, and you’ll find out some crazy things how blogging grows. Let’s be honest. My blog is about nothing. I mean if you’re here you must be really bored 😉 But […]

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Free social startup idea number 3

I’m sure that by now you’ve noticed my 2020 interests: startups, education and people. The good thing about social startups is that they are valuable for society no matter who runs them and who is the original creator. So here I am sharing another idea for a social startup. If you have some opportunity to […]

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A short lesson of marine life

My wife and I went on Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari. We had a great time and we definitely recommend anyone loving animals to try at least once. For me personally the biggest value though was that the vessel that we travelled on was a marine research boat and we’ve learned heaps about marine life. […]

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Why I volunteer

Every now and then we have to brag. Today is that day for me. Today I’m going to tell you why I volunteer and why should you. Based on my own experience you’ll find out that volunteering is not always what you thought it was. Let’s start years ago. Back in secondary school, I was […]

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A story of our upbringing and its effect on our lives

I’m going to make a lot of enemies with this blog post. But I’m not ashamed of my life story. I come from Poland. I was born in a communist country so knowing that I’m mid-thirties you can figure out that we’re relatively new to the democracy. What we’re also really new to is change. […]

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Roads won’t fix our traffic problem – drivers will

Have you ever been frustrated by the number of cars on the road? Have you arrived at work in the morning already in a bad mood because of some stupid driver on the way? Well, you’re not the only one, you’re one of millions of drivers worldwide that are struggling with traffic, frustration and stress […]

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Short story on reducing the rubbish

This is a short tutorial on how a couple of people went from an usual, average rubbish production a few years ago to one 40l rubbish bag per month. I’m sure you remember my post about rubbish on how we affect other countries and ourselves. This one will help you optimising your rubbish bin a […]

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The toughest job of a business owner

I personally blame the educational system for a complete lack of education in business space. We learn maths, languages, biology, physics and many other subjects for many years of our life. However, (correct me if I’m wrong) I haven’t seen any school up to University that would teach kids the basics of business. And I’m […]

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Modern democracy

Since we mentioned (or rather it annoyed me) monarchies, let’s think a little bit about the future of democracy and where we’re heading with it in the future. There’s no doubt that the times have changed. With Brexit around the corner, Trump possibly elected for the 2nd term a lot of people questions the democracy […]

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Casino Royale

A couple of days ago I opened one of the news portals in New Zealand to find out that the death of over 100 people in a plane crash is less popular than the top story. Meghan and Harry are breaking up with their family and moving to Canada. Media all over the world featured […]