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How money changes your mindset

Call me a weirdo but I strongly believe that capitalism should change to something more modern. I mean we’ve been there for probably 100 years now and I can’t really see a huge improvement to the society. More and more reports emerge that a very few people own as much money as the majority of […]

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A short lesson of marine life

My wife and I went on Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari. We had a great time and we definitely recommend anyone loving animals to try at least once. For me personally the biggest value though was that the vessel that we travelled on was a marine research boat and we’ve learned heaps about marine life. […]

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Short story on reducing the rubbish

This is a short tutorial on how a couple of people went from an usual, average rubbish production a few years ago to one 40l rubbish bag per month. I’m sure you remember my post about rubbish on how we affect other countries and ourselves. This one will help you optimising your rubbish bin a […]