Happiness Motivation Startup

The art of working by yourself

So I’m building a startup on a side and I convinced my friend Tarei to join me. It’s going to be a great journey I can tell and whether we’re going to win or lose the journey is what matters. The thing is that this startup idea before it became “our” startup idea it was […]

Business Education Startup

The toughest job of a business owner

I personally blame the educational system for a complete lack of education in business space. We learn maths, languages, biology, physics and many other subjects for many years of our life. However, (correct me if I’m wrong) I haven’t seen any school up to University that would teach kids the basics of business. And I’m […]

Education Startup

The ladder – free social startup idea 2

You see my mindset for the last few months is all about startups and how to create one. I do have one coming up so until that one is cooked I have to park my other hundreds of ideas on a side. But I am really happy to give away quite a few because nothing […]

Goals Startup

Free social startup idea number 1.

A side note. I had this great idea of having a real photo of me or something I did every day but I do not even have that many photos of myself. So what do I do? I’ll start inserting cute cats probably…Aaaanyway, here’s today’s thought of the day. I’m giving away the idea I […]