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Getting old

Here goes an excuse. Not only writing daily caught up with me but it even overtook me. I’m still aiming for 365 blog posts but well… one day will have to be busy with a couple of them instead. But back to the excuse.

Yesterday I missed a blog post and that was purely because of how I felt. And I felt shit. I had a terrible headache, you can even call it a migraine. It was terrible, I was frustrated at everything including my wife walking by the couch where I passed out. And when I smelled a little bit burned food I thought I’m going to puke. So here it is – I’m mid-thirties and I’m officially old.

It’s funny how we perceive time at different stages of our lives. When we’re teenagers, everyone seems old but we still want to be older because older people can do anything. When we’re in the twenties, we still want to be older because older people have money and better stability in their lives. When we’re in the thirties… we kind of want to be both – older, get rid of financial problems or ideally retire, and younger too, get rid of all of the age problems. I guess this never ends.

We all have dreams and goals in our lives but they also change over time. The older we are they become more realistic, more reachable. But deep inside we all still want to go to Disneyland and fly first class. It’s funny how we are never fully become adults.

So yeah, I’m getting old, having pains in places that I didn’t even know existed before, getting tired before midnight and needing 8 hours of sleep. I guess the only progress is that I’m not getting drunk as quickly but in my case, it never was a big problem. I mean 6″2 of mass, 100kg requires quite a lot of alcohol nonetheless but years of practice help too 🙂 But age also makes you realise a lot of things, the older we are the better we see the world. I guess the most important for me is the IDGAF attitude. I used to care what other people think about me and I did a lot for other people to like me. Not anymore 🙂 With age you realise that your own happiness is more important than anything else in your life and achieving it can be difficult but is more valuable than any money, cars, houses and holidays in the world.

So yesterday I definitely wasn’t happy but that’s another thing about your age. You notice your health. And I don’t mean you take care of it because you not always do. But you notice it – it’s there and it becomes something. You might even name it if you like because you’re going to socialise more and more often. But step by step, health, work, people around, everything fits together and overall I am happy. But I also am working hard to be happier every day. Today I spent more than 8 hours working on my startup. It’s Sunday and I don’t regret it because with age I realise that time is valuable and it runs away. So better catch every second when I can before those terrible headaches change from “the first one” to “yet another one”. If I want to change the world, the time is now. I’m super pumped about my new work and as I mentioned 2 days ago, I am learning basics of AI. I’ve already done a simple lesson and it was super exciting. Can’t wait what tomorrow brings. As long as it’s not a headache I’m pumped!

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