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The art of working by yourself

So I’m building a startup on a side and I convinced my friend Tarei to join me. It’s going to be a great journey I can tell and whether we’re going to win or lose the journey is what matters. The thing is that this startup idea before it became “our” startup idea it was […]

Happiness Work-life balance

How to be less cool in a marriage

Today’s is my wife’s birthday so let me tell you the short story of my wife. I’m sure she’s going to be happy to be the subject of the public blog post :-D. We’ve met nearly 3 years ago and we were engaged within 6 months. In less than a year we were married and […]

Goals Happiness

The excitement of new things

Today was a good day. Other than me being late with a blog post of course. When I started 2020 blogging with 3 posts ahead I knew it will catch up with me one day. It took a while and today on day 24 it did catch me. It’s 9 pm and I do have […]

Change Happiness Humanity

A story of our upbringing and its effect on our lives

I’m going to make a lot of enemies with this blog post. But I’m not ashamed of my life story. I come from Poland. I was born in a communist country so knowing that I’m mid-thirties you can figure out that we’re relatively new to the democracy. What we’re also really new to is change. […]

Happiness Motivation

Shiny happy people

This is going to be another very personal post but in the end, we’re here together, no one forced you to come here so might as well be a little bit cringy. Today I spoke with my great friend from Poland who described some of my previous posts in a simple sentence “are you changing […]