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This is going to be another very personal post but in the end, we’re here together, no one forced you to come here so might as well be a little bit cringy.

Today I spoke with my great friend from Poland who described some of my previous posts in a simple sentence “are you changing your career to a motivational speaker”. I smiled because as much as it might sound like it – for me, I treat it like a public therapy. I did put my goals online and I did go to exercise today because I do want to get in better shape and also I don’t want to be embarrassed after 365 days that I’m still fat ;-). But the reality is that similarly to any human in the world, I have good and bad days. So how do I find my happiness (again, not a motivational speech)?

The bad

There are days where I just don’t want to do anything. In fact, there are days where, as a business owner, I come to work and I don’t do much. Shame on me. And in those days I’d like to watch TV for the whole day and maybe just go for a walk but don’t see people. But that’s just inside my head because really interacting with good people makes me feel better.

The thing is that I also have a bad influence on other people, feeling bad, being in a bad mood is not anything unusual. If you watched the video of Pope slapping lady’s hand – no one is perfect. But when we have a bad day how often we see ourselves snapping at other people, cursing other drivers or even being nasty to our closest ones? This is beyond our control and happens all the time. But that’s when you realise where are you with your life when you see the other people reacting to your bad mood. Did they argue with you? Did they understand you? What did they do?

The good

There are days when I’m over the moon and have so much energy that… I can do anything. Well, I built a business, I moved countries, I got married – those are challenges that require a lot of work and commitment and I won. And when I do have a good mood I can talk to anyone even if they have depression and a terrible day. I have so much positive energy that I can share it.

You see we don’t choose what mood we’re going to wake up in. I’m not going to debate whether the chemicals in our brain decide on our mood or not. But when you wake up you feel whether it’s going to be a beautiful day in paradise or just another freaking Monday straight away. And when we do have a good mood people around us immediately treat us differently and we feel even better.

The conclusion

All that chitty chat means nothing to you until now. What I’m trying to say – the way you feel, the way you are placed in your life is made by people around you. The more positive people you have the better life you will lead.

In this short and cliche blog post I want to say that I am grateful for the whole experience the life gave me. All the bad people on my way, all the horrible experiences I have and stress I had to deal with put me in the place where I am now. There are people around me who can change my world. Just my world. And just by being and the way they are. When I am in a bad mood they’re lifting me and when they’re in a bad mood I’m doing my best to lift them. So I’d like to thank my wife for putting up with me for the last 2 years of our marriage because, frankly, I wouldn’t even put up with myself! I’d like to thank my friends who I won’t publically list because of “Privacy” (I discussed today with one of them) but thank you Mr T (this guy is always happy, I want to smoke what he smokes), Mr B, Mr B, Mr P, Ms A, Mr S and Ms S and many many many more. I already said that and I will keep saying, we’re no longer by ourselves, we are collective of humanity and those humans are part of my little tribe that makes me sane. And this blog… This blog makes me insane but hey, we have to keep the balance :-p

Back in the days, I felt so bad in my skin that I had to change the countries. If you’ll look at the map I might as well have changed the planets – I’m so far from home. So if you feel that you’re not in the right place, that you need a change – make a change. Change your friends, change your work because honestly there’s nothing more precious in your life than your own happiness. And if you can’t even see it on the horizon, stand up, start walking and do something because everyone deserves to be happy, especially you.

P.S. Holy crap this really turned into some motivational shit! Peace out!

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