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Getting old

Here goes an excuse. Not only writing daily caught up with me but it even overtook me. I’m still aiming for 365 blog posts but well… one day will have to be busy with a couple of them instead. But back to the excuse. Yesterday I missed a blog post and that was purely because […]

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The art of working by yourself

So I’m building a startup on a side and I convinced my friend Tarei to join me. It’s going to be a great journey I can tell and whether we’re going to win or lose the journey is what matters. The thing is that this startup idea before it became “our” startup idea it was […]

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Shiny happy people

This is going to be another very personal post but in the end, we’re here together, no one forced you to come here so might as well be a little bit cringy. Today I spoke with my great friend from Poland who described some of my previous posts in a simple sentence “are you changing […]

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Reflection on progress

When you’re investing time and energy in a startup you want to learn a lot from people who were successful and also from people who failed. So I watch quite a lot of startup talks and listen to podcasts. I recently watched a video where one of the founders said that the progress has to […]

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A bit on losing weight – sad story

Say whatever you want but keeping yourself in shape is probably everyone’s goal every single New Year’s Day. Whether it’s losing some pounds or adding 5 packs to your 1 pack or even as simple as being able to run to catch a bus without getting a heart attack, we all try to improve ourselves […]

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Welcome to New Year… so new

Now that we’re all settled into a new decade, let’s think a little bit about the future and the past. It’s a new year, new resolutions, new plans but also new… same. Why in so many cases we, humans, can make so much effort, in some cases we just ignore everything around us. This reflection […]

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Motivation for… motivation

One of the hard things that any human being has to struggle with is motivation to get the shit done. But what if you have to be motivated to be motivated? Gobbledygook you say, but it is a serious problem. See my biggest challenge is to find a motivation to find a motivation. Let me […]