Goals Happiness

The excitement of new things

Today was a good day. Other than me being late with a blog post of course. When I started 2020 blogging with 3 posts ahead I knew it will catch up with me one day. It took a while and today on day 24 it did catch me. It’s 9 pm and I do have […]

Change Goals Motivation

Reflection on progress

When you’re investing time and energy in a startup you want to learn a lot from people who were successful and also from people who failed. So I watch quite a lot of startup talks and listen to podcasts. I recently watched a video where one of the founders said that the progress has to […]

Goals Startup

Free social startup idea number 1.

A side note. I had this great idea of having a real photo of me or something I did every day but I do not even have that many photos of myself. So what do I do? I’ll start inserting cute cats probably…Aaaanyway, here’s today’s thought of the day. I’m giving away the idea I […]

Goals Motivation

A bit on losing weight – sad story

Say whatever you want but keeping yourself in shape is probably everyone’s goal every single New Year’s Day. Whether it’s losing some pounds or adding 5 packs to your 1 pack or even as simple as being able to run to catch a bus without getting a heart attack, we all try to improve ourselves […]