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Today was a good day. Other than me being late with a blog post of course. When I started 2020 blogging with 3 posts ahead I knew it will catch up with me one day. It took a while and today on day 24 it did catch me. It’s 9 pm and I do have to write because… I’m still motivated. Also because it’s almost a month and that’s 1/12th of the goal so one day closer! (closely watching the horizon to spot a finish line)

But seriously, this motivations thing is great. And today was a perfect example. Today officially I think I can say that I work on a startup. My friend Tarei and I have spent an exciting day building a startup. I mean we’ve been building it for a while. But today we’ve spent many hours breaking shit and planning shit and it was a good day. Oh and we’ve started a Startup School. But I guess my hyped mood comes from a lack of sleep (I slept only about 5h) and that’s because I couldn’t stop doing what I’m doing!

We’re building something new, in a technology that we both still need to learn, planning in the future to learn AI and it’s all so… freaking difficult! I mean everything I touch breaks, everything I do doesn’t follow standards (CS) and it’s just so annoyingly… cool! This change to the monotonous life I guess is the drug a lot of people take when they create or join an early startup. The hype is real and a lot of things are very exciting.

We also got approved to YC Startup School which means that we not only have to watch some smart people talking of what to do and what not to do to be successful but also get to share our startup and our journey every week with a few other startups. This week we talked to people from all over the world and again – it’s just so cool and exciting to get out of my small business where of course I do very cool stuff but not as exciting as this!

So not only this blog but this new startup is my goal for the year 2020, it will be successful and I’m sure you’re going to hear a lot about it in the future. Right now we’re doing some polishing of the product and some tests of product-market fit in order to check whether what we’re doing makes sense. But whether we’re going to win or lose I’m excited and despite he doesn’t admit – so is Tarei. We’re going to nail it and you’re looking at a new big thing starting right here. So stay tuned!

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