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How to be less cool in a marriage

Today’s is my wife’s birthday so let me tell you the short story of my wife. I’m sure she’s going to be happy to be the subject of the public blog post :-D. We’ve met nearly 3 years ago and we were engaged within 6 months. In less than a year we were married and […]

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A short lesson of marine life

My wife and I went on Auckland Whale and Dolphin Safari. We had a great time and we definitely recommend anyone loving animals to try at least once. For me personally the biggest value though was that the vessel that we travelled on was a marine research boat and we’ve learned heaps about marine life. […]

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I’m cheating… am I a bad person?

Here’s a funny story. I came up with this blogivation (blog+motivation) idea a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t do much of a design for the website – it’s a standard WordPress with Twentytwenty theme. So really all it took me was maybe an hour including setting up the domain plus a simple server. But […]

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Motivation for… motivation

One of the hard things that any human being has to struggle with is motivation to get the shit done. But what if you have to be motivated to be motivated? Gobbledygook you say, but it is a serious problem. See my biggest challenge is to find a motivation to find a motivation. Let me […]