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Ok, so this 365 looks more or rather less likely but here’s why. Since I was young I liked working. But not because I’m amazing in some way… I mean I am :p, but mostly because I love the feeling of getting the shit done.

So when I started doing the startup with Tarei about a month ago and we both started digging deep into functionality, it became an addiction. Addiction to a degree when I slept 3h on Tuesday and 4h yesterday. I just love spending time on working on functionality with all the stress and frustration coming with it. Because when it’s done it has indescribable feeling coming with it.

But I think the genesis of me working weird hours is way before today. The spike in population in Western countries, so-called generation X, was the 60s. In Poland, the highest spike in births was 1983. That’s my year. The year when I went to school and we had classes A-F with 30+ kids in each of them. My 7 years younger sister went to the same school to have classes A-C with less than 30 kids each.

University was even worse. When I started IT there were universities where 30 kids tried to take 1 place and study IT. It was a bloodbath. I applied for two universities, failed to get to one with robotics major but managed to get into another one with Computer Science major. Even then, my university group was extended and started with over 50 teenagers.

When I applied for my first job – that was nearly 2 years before finishing Uni because if I applied after finishing uni, there were estimated 100,000 other students with IT-related studies that would be looking for a job that year. So I worked in computer store, then eCommerce store, took free 3 months internship to finally land a proper IT job just before passing my Masters degree (back in the day Uni had 5 years Masters option).

So if you look at that, from a very early age my aim was to do shit better than at least half of the population just to get by. And I don’t mean I am much better than anyone else, I am an average dude but I just had to work hard. So job addictions are kind of natural for me. Work in some ways relaxes me and I like spending time at work. This obviously depends on a day if you know what I mean 🙂

So here we are, I skipped 2 days of blog posting because I barely have time to sleep running 2 companies at the same time. This will definitely change in incoming weeks but whether I will catch up – that’s unknown. I am aiming to write another extra post on the weekend so bear with me. In the meantime, onwards forwards.

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