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Casino Royale

A couple of days ago I opened one of the news portals in New Zealand to find out that the death of over 100 people in a plane crash is less popular than the top story. Meghan and Harry are breaking up with their family and moving to Canada. Media all over the world featured the couple and their decision and how it affects the royal family. But none of the media picked the detail that struck me the most from their statement. “They want to become financially independent”.

A couple of months ago on one of the business dinners, I have with some organisation I had this heated exchange with a person who is a big fan of the Royal family. He says that the Queen is wise and needed and the political system in England requires someone neutral. Except my point is that here we have an old lady who’s benefited from hundreds of years of slavery, exploitation, wars and blood. And all this old lady did in her life was being born in the right family.

You see I have nothing against the Queen, I do have a lot against the Royalty. We live in PC times where everyone gets crazy about racism, LGBT and privilege. So how come we have so many people pro “change” supporting someone who is a definition of privilege? Literally a definition of being born rich from not her money but through the history of exploitation of poor peasants and slaves for centuries. Literally a proof that owning land doesn’t have to come from hard work but can be won in a couple of wars and passed to children. How is it possible that we’re still supporting this insane system?

So here we have a couple who wants to be “financially independent” from grandma Queen and you realise that there’s not only this one privileged person but hundreds of her family members. What would you say if I was mid-thirties and I said: “I want to become financially independent from my family”. I mean seriously let’s get a grip, where’s the equality, here’s this granny boy that always has been given everything on the table, private flights, his own house, holidays whenever and wherever he wants and now we are all paying attention to his adulthood?! What happened to society seriously? How come we need such a “hero” to look up to, a hero of such low qualities? How come we don’t endorse famous geneticists, famous nanotechnology professors or someone who spent their entire life working for charities without granny giving them pocket money? How come our heroes are so pitty? Where’s that equality we’re all fighting for?

Another utopian blog post. I know it’s all frustration and it will not change anything but maybe one day just one brit will read it and think “shit, those bums have actually exploited my ancestors, maybe it’s enough”. That would be a huge success for me if one of those Brits blindly in love will just think whether it’s worth it to carry on with a bloody crown, years of slavery, historically even genocides after conquering countries, and modernise the country to People’s country so we can all forget about this Casino Royale.

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