What happened to being true to ourselves

If that is not the first post you read by now you probably realised that I am a weird person with some weird views. Some like those views, some don’t. But what I like about myself is that I speak what I think, which often gets me in trouble by the way but then – why would I suppress that and why does anyone suppress their own inner self?

Let me start at the beginning. I do not like politics for many reasons (and maybe one day I’ll write about it too) but I do like to express my visions that often are or sound political. That doesn’t necessarily mean that I want or ever will be a politician. It will never work, despite numerous people asking me about it. Here’s why.

When you express your views no matter how weird they are, in the last decade and most likely this one too, you are an extremist. Look at Donald Trump. You might love him or hate him (I’m personally in the second – hate camp) but you do have to admire his persistence of being who he is. He is a weirdo, he has very weird views but he is not willing to change just because of Political Correctness (PC). And with that awkward comparison to Donald Trump – here I am. I am often in trouble because of what I say no matter how controversial or not controversial at all it is. It is just a signature of times we live in when saying something very strong either way is not viewed as appropriate.

Let me give you a perfect example of one of my controversial views. I am probably not the only person who thinks that there are too many people in the world and we are slowly destroying our planet. And I do believe and hope that mother earth will one day deal with the plague of overpopulation. We cannot allow one of the billions of species to destroy millions of years of work. But many people would call that nazi views because I want to kill humans. I do not, I just believe that we will gradually kill ourselves and we certainly deserve that. Climate change, the constant development of new weapons, economical wars, we are constantly fighting humans. You might say that you are against Asians, Blacks or any other nation/ethnicity/race because they take your jobs/disrupt your business/ steal your money, but that is nothing else than a human fighting a human. We developed an advanced brain for hundreds of thousands of years yet we act like animals in 2020.

Is the above paragraph PC? It’s not super controversial but yet it will upset a lot of people. That is why we built ourselves a society of PC. And I strongly believe that this didn’t start from the politics, or from trying to be nice to the next person, oh no. I do believe that this started through the internet, particularly social media. You see every post on (pick social media you like) is a fake “me”. It’s a post of a beautiful meal I had or a beautiful place I visited. It is occasionally a post of “I had a bad day” or “this is how I really look like on the beach”. But the leading internet view is that we’re awesome, we have a good time and there’s nothing wrong. That’s not how life works! We all have shitty days, sometimes more often than any of our friends realises. We all have those days when we just don’t want to wake up and that annoying fly keeps buzzing over our heads and we want to kill anything alive. But we are not proud of those days and we do not share them. Why? Why not? Why on earth we’re afraid of our true self. Why are we afraid of saying what we think or really showing how our life looks like? Why we’re proud of losing weight but so ashamed of gaining the same weight and getting back to the starting point? Did we fail? Sure we did, but hell we tried and we move on. Life is made of fails and we are made of them.

Maybe that should be your New Year’s resolution, stay true to yourself. You live in a shitty neighbourhood as I do? So what, I am a business owner with more or less success and I still live in a small rental with my wife in Mt Wellington. I probably should live in Takapuna (fancy neighbourhood) by now but I am proud of where I am and what I did. I made a lot of mistakes, oh hell I probably should get a Nobel prize of mistakes if there was one (on a side note that should be the first Nobel prize – Nobel of Mistakes, not Physics one, shouldn’t it Mr Alfred?). But am I happy with myself? Yes, I am, however you call me and however, I call myself (most famously a “certified dick”), I am who I am and I will not change it, because I respect myself, I respect what I did in my life however little or big it is and I do like my life. Am I unhappy too? Oh hell yeah, I have probably more bad days than good ones and I will surely describe that in details when the time comes, but overall my life is exactly how I made it with all mistakes and successes – I am the architect of it and I am proud of it.

So if there’s anything I would wish to myself for a new decade – it would be that humans stay true and be proud of it. Because transparency and truth is something that might save us more than any scientific invention in the world.

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