Goals Startup

Free social startup idea number 1.

A side note. I had this great idea of having a real photo of me or something I did every day but I do not even have that many photos of myself. So what do I do? I’ll start inserting cute cats probably…Aaaanyway, here’s today’s thought of the day. I’m giving away the idea I […]


What happened to being true to ourselves

If that is not the first post you read by now you probably realised that I am a weird person with some weird views. Some like those views, some don’t. But what I like about myself is that I speak what I think, which often gets me in trouble by the way but then – […]

Goals Motivation

A bit on losing weight – sad story

Say whatever you want but keeping yourself in shape is probably everyone’s goal every single New Year’s Day. Whether it’s losing some pounds or adding 5 packs to your 1 pack or even as simple as being able to run to catch a bus without getting a heart attack, we all try to improve ourselves […]

Change Motivation

Welcome to New Year… so new

Now that we’re all settled into a new decade, let’s think a little bit about the future and the past. It’s a new year, new resolutions, new plans but also new… same. Why in so many cases we, humans, can make so much effort, in some cases we just ignore everything around us. This reflection […]

Education Work-life balance

I’m cheating… am I a bad person?

Here’s a funny story. I came up with this blogivation (blog+motivation) idea a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t do much of a design for the website – it’s a standard WordPress with Twentytwenty theme. So really all it took me was maybe an hour including setting up the domain plus a simple server. But […]

Motivation Work-life balance

Motivation for… motivation

One of the hard things that any human being has to struggle with is motivation to get the shit done. But what if you have to be motivated to be motivated? Gobbledygook you say, but it is a serious problem. See my biggest challenge is to find a motivation to find a motivation. Let me […]

Everything about nothing

Ralf 365 – day 1

Let me get straight to the point. I haven’t blogged for about 5 years. Also, I never blogged in English. So there. My first attempt to blog. Like real blog. It will be about literally nothing and everything, no main thread or subject. It will be just me complaining about stuff I usually complain about […]